A Great Start to 2016

A great first half of the year where we have been benefiting from the amazing mindfulness program with Glen Svenson.

Here is an outline of the 1st session program and here is Glen teaching a “shamata” retreat for our friends at FDCW (Foundation for Development of Wisdom and Compassion).

There is loads of stuff on YouTube if you want to go deeper. We have more training and mentoring from Glen in the rest of the year, which means any organisation that uses CBMT, will have Mindfulness trainers of the highest quality to deliver it.


Potential Clients

We have spent the first half of 2016, including a launch in Bristol, in conversation with a whole range of potential clients which should start coming on stream later in the year.

The first of these will be the NHS “Focus Factor” program with the Symphony Healthcare Group in Yeovil. This program is a really interesting and innovative project being run by the NHS, with a goal of offering fully integrated healthcare solutions to patients.

This is a new project, so there aren’t any systems and procedures established yet. However, the client sees our program going way beyond well-being benefits, and actually helping manage the ambiguity, creativity and change challenges that the initiative presents.

(This is part of a National NHS initiative called Vanguard).


 A Unique Opportunity

In November we are going to the Garrison Institute in New York for a Global Gathering with trainers from around the world. This is combined with a truly unique opportunity to spend 3 days in retreat with Matthieu Ricard (he never usually leads retreats) Matthieu is author of “Happiness – A Guide to Developing Life’s Most Important Skill”. He is often called the world’s happiest man, and was a deep influence on me when I started to move towards the Mindfulness path in 2008.


For further information on Potential Project, email Paul or Ros.


What clients are saying about Potential Project

“As a large global law firm we need to be focused,clear in our thinking and lift our performance. Mindfulness is the key to achieve that. We partner with Potential Project because their program is evidence based, its practical, its engaging. And for my audience of highly critical thinkers it’s a winner.”

Murray Paterson
Head of Learning & Development, Herbert Smith Freehills in Australia


“Balancing priorities and being stretched too thin are the biggest challenges for our leaders and teams today. The tools and techniques provided by Potential Project enables us to manage these challenges, and to be focused and attentive to the moment, without distraction”.

Robert Stembridge
Managing Director, Global Consulting

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