Welcome to ‘In My Mindful Life’

This blog will feature short video interviews with a range of people who have brought Mindfulness into their lives.

Whether they are people who attend fortnightly Medicine For A Happy Life classes at our home in Somerset, Back to The Roots Mindfulness courses in our nearby town (Frome), or people who have participated in Dragonfly Coaching For Life or people who have been introduced to Mindfulness in their workplace though workshops or training programmes.

Alternatively, they may just be an interesting character we bumped into in the park or on a bus, and whose story really brings to life the Mindfulness Revolution that is going on right here and right now in the world.

So to kick off the first “In my Mindful Life”, we have 4 short vox pops from Michael, Annie, Meretta and Annabel, who recently completed the 6 week Back to the roots course. The course was extremely well received and I am taking advance bookings for the next one in September/October 2016. Click here for further details on signing up.

Big Love

My Mindful Life by Ros

Back to the Roots: Annabel

Back to the Roots: Michael

Back to the Roots: Annie

Back to the Roots: Meretta

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