Back to The Roots 2016 Activity

Back to the Roots – Mindfulness of Feelings 6 Week Course

The new course “Mindfulness of Feelings” starts on 22nd September and I am very pleased to say we are full. There is lots of material from January’s course available, including recordings of the “McMindfulness Revolution” which kicked off the whole project, as well as a sample session and link to the seminal guided meditation from Joseph Goldstein.

The new course will focus on practice and inquiry. Meditations will be posted on this page for practice purpose for attendees, as well as anyone who wants to fill the journey time from home. Below I have recorded a 30-minute Mindfulness Foundation meditation which will be a central part of the course.


In addition, a shorter 20-minute “Calm Abiding” meditation is available below.


Recommended Reading for the Course:
Joseph Goldstein’s “Mindfulness”, plus a book by Tri Ratna order member, Analyo “Satipatthana: The Direct Path to Realization” that greatly inspired Goldstein himself.


Please find below two new meditations.


Below is a “Mindfulness of Feelings” meditation.


Please find below a guided body scan by Jon Kabat-Zinn and one meditator’s comments after having tried the meditation.

“That was absolutely insane… I’ve been meditating for 2 years now and I usually do practical meditation for about 15-20 minutes. Recently, I’ve been getting into body scan meditations, and today (at this very moment) is the most present I’ve ever felt after a meditation session. My body is so much fully awake right now and my mind wandered only a couple times throughout the whole session. I can’t believe how amazing I feel right now. Thank you so much. I will most definitely be coming back to this practice consistently throughout the coming years. Great job!” Hansol


Please find below a 15 minute guided contemplation recorded at the 4th Back to the Roots session on 2nd March. This guides you through 3 of the 4 Satipatthana’s from Mindfulness of Body/Breath, through Feelings and then a contemplation and explanation of Mindfulness of Mind.

What clients are saying about Back to the Roots

“As someone who was new to mindfulness and meditation, I very much enjoyed Paul’s course. I particularly enjoyed the guided meditations and the experience of being still and silent within the safe confines of the group. Paul is a wonderful guide and facilitator.”
Annabel – Workshop Participant

“As a beginner and someone interested in learning more about Mindfulness and Meditation this fit perfectly. Paul made each session informal, relaxed and enjoyable.”
Judith – Workshop Participant

“I really enjoyed the opportunity to sit still and develop a peaceful mind. With Paul’s guidance I have been able to get back in touch with an inner stillness I thought I had lost. It’s been a really, really good experience for me.”
Michael – Course Participant

“It’s been fantastic, I have enjoyed every moment of it. It’s let me re-ground my practice. The highlight for me was a deep connection with the group.”
Meretta – Long-term Meditator

“It’s been a really lovely space to drop into meditation and be connected with the practice. I love the learning and being engaged with the whole group.”
Annie – Long-term Meditator


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