What questions are you asking yourself? We can easily lose ourselves in our work. How often are we too busy being busy and fail to stop to reflect on where we are, who we are and where we are going? Coaching helps us take this time. It can have huge benefits for ourselves, the people we connect with and the more than human world. It’s an investment that can reap huge rewards.

Dragonfly Autumn Almanac

“Yes, yes yes”, the first half of this year has been super exciting. Main highlights have been the start of the Back to The Roots course at The Round Tower in Frome. There is loads of information on the Back to The Roots page.

And I am over the moon that the second course, starting September 22nd, is full. This initiative has been beneficial in many ways. It has grounded my own practice, giving me deeper insights into the origins of Mindfulness teaching, particularly the ethical foundations which I am finding really helpful in the work I am doing in the workplace, both with Potential Project and Dragonfly Mindful@Work (Dragonfly link).


Potential Project News

I qualified as a Senior Consultant and Trainer for Potential Project in April and we had a cool launch in Bristol in April (with the lovely Ros and Jenni). The training is second to none – an amazing 8-week online course with a fantastic teacher Glen Svenson.

We are currently in conversation with a variety of potential clients, including Royal Mail, BT, Danone and M&C Saatchi. Although it’s a slow process, I expect to be working with at least one of them by the year end.

Even more exciting is that Ros and I are starting a 10-week Potential Project with Symphony Healthcare, which is a knockout innovation program in NHS (really!), and wonder if the power of Attention Training might possibly be the salvation of this wonderful British institution (let’s keep our fingers crossed on this). 


Dragonfly Coaching for Life News

Dragonfly Coaching has had a quieter few months to make way for these other initiatives. However, I am running a 2-day Deeper Discovery program for the wonderful community at Ecodharma later this month, as well as a small retreat there for family and close friends (Dragonfly link). Also, I will be turning the heat up on Dragonfly Be Mindful at Work and expect to gave new there later this Autumn

Also, under the Dragonfly Banner, at the Reboot the Roots AGM I have introduced “Attention Training” to the Trustees and extended community and the kind people at Insights have also funded an Insights program for those lovely people to inspire them to even dizzier heights in their gallant effort to bring Social Inclusion to this troubled world.


Medicine for a Happy Life News

Closer to home (literally), the Medicine for a Happy Life group who meet Ros and myself on a fortnight basis at our home in Cranmore, will be embarking on the 8-week Glen Svenson course with us from end September.

Finally check out the “In My Mindful Life” page, where my lovely soul mate says a few words about her mindful life.

So just to sign off this intro I leave you with the immortal words of the legendary Ray Davies

“This is my street, and I’m never gonna to leave it,
And I’m always gonna to stay here
If I live to be ninety-nine,
‘Cause all the people I meet
Seem to come from my street
And I can’t get away,
Because it’s calling me, (come on home)
Hear it calling me, (come on home)”

Courtesy The Kinks 1967

Warm wishes
Paul and Ros


How is Dragonfly Coaching for Life different?

Are you at a crossroads in your life?There are many different styles of coaching and it’s vital you choose a program that will help you where you need it and in a style that works for you. Much of this is down to the individual coach you choose to work with. The Dragonfly approach to coaching recognises that, to really help someone discover their true potential, find fulfilment and happiness in what they do and who they want to be, it is not possible to keep their working experience and the rest of their life apart. So, Coaching for Life is not just about Career Coaching nor is it about Life Coaching: it is about both. Effective results emerge through an elegant synthesis of life inside and outside of work. This is facilitated through a process of using powerful tools to support ongoing dialogue and meaningful conversations.


The program

The program is summarised here, but each is tailored to meet every participant’s needs. Therefore, it combines a planned program with an “emergent” process, and thus takes into account the uniqueness of every person we work with, ensuring we tailor the program to their individual aspirations and specific life circumstances.

It draws together nearly 20 years of experience in helping individuals and groups understand their challenges and focus on what is most important to them in their lives. It then helps them discover and design the kind of legacy they wish to leave.


Are you ready to bring some coaching into your life in 2017?

Since I introduced Dragonfly Coaching for Life in late Spring 2013, I have worked with a wide variety of coaching partners around the world. I am now ready to offer the Dragonfly Coaching for Life experience to a new generation of coaching partners.

Free one-to-one sample Dragonfly coaching sessions (I hour) run periodically at London Centre for Mindfulness.  Please email me or call 07974 254355 to for information on available dates.

Also, look out for further information on the following:

  • Dragonfly Mindfulness Based Spiritual Intelligence workshops (UK and Germany).
  • Dragonfly Mindfulness Based Deeper Discovery Retreats (UK and Spain), limited spaces available.
  • Dragonfly Wild Mountain Retreat – I am exploring the possibility of a 5-day Dragonfly retreat in the beautiful mountains of Catalunya, Spain during the Summer of 2016.

If you would like any further information, or to register your interest for any of the 2016 workshops and retreats, please contact me.


Upcoming Events

Don’t forget to checkout some of the great Dragonfly events I’ll be organising for 2017.


Other Projects

2016 has seen me set up Back to the Roots in order to facilitate teachings that focus on the recent explosion in mainstream mindfulness and its original roots, as presented by the Buddha 2,600 years ago. I also run regular drop in meditation classes in Cranmore, Somerset under the Medicine for a Happy Life brand name.


So if you are interested in getting on board with any of the coaching or meditation programs that I run, or simply want to know more, please contact me now.


“48% of coaches are engaged to develop high potentials or facilitate transition. Another 26% are engaged to act as sounding boards.”
Harvard Business Review, February 2009

What do people say about it?

“Simply stated, the programme Paul and I have done so far this year has helped me communicate infinitely better with those around me, especially the colleague I spend at least half my life with. I feel he and I have taken enormous steps over the last few weeks and months and I’m extremely excited about the future.”
, CEO Housing Partners (Social Housing)

“A key part of our coaching relationship has been my own personal development and exploration of the kind of legacy I want to leave, not only in the team and organisation, but also in my life.”
General Manager, Merck (South Africa)

“In the last 18 months, I have been hugely impacted by the power of the one to one coaching approach that Paul brings. It is during this spell that his coaching style and content have guided me to a realisation and subsequent decision that has changed my life.”
, Finance Director, Action on Poverty
What to do next?
If you want to know more about our coaching programme and how we can work with you on your own personal journey then email me.

Very best wishes,
Paul, Certified SQ21 Coach

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